Mailbag 1: Season 1

Mailbag 1: Season 1

We respond to some of the mail you sent us about the first season of The Smug Buds!

Show Notes:

What does AWP stand for? It’s the Association OF Writers and Writing Programs. 

Acronyms: Will was right! Acronyms are only if you say it like a word. If you say the letters, it’s an initialism.  (Thanks to my co-editor, Laura, for that.) 

An en caul baby:

H.R. Giger:

The Smug Buds Style Guide

  • The show is called “The Smug Buds.”

  • Will and Liz are The Smug Buds. One can also say that we are two smug buds.

  • The “the” may be ellided for social media purposes, similar to The New York Times and the Washington Post.

Gary’s speech at the Writer’s Institute:

Nocebo effect:

Will in vignette:

Episode 11: MCU Phase Two

Episode 11: MCU Phase Two

The Witness: Livestream!

The Witness: Livestream!