Mailbag 2: Season 2

Mailbag 2: Season 2

In this second episode of our Mail Bag Series of The Smug Buds (a good podcast), respond to fan mail we got and also talk about some stuff we missed. 

Show Notes:

Randy Robertson’s playlist, lovingly provided to us by the man himself:

1. A Thomas Paine-like take on the God of the Bible.

The Thermals, "Here's Your Future"

2. Republicanism was invariably linked to religious heterodoxy. Godwin, Paine, Wollstonecraft, and the Shelleys were all republicans.

Sleigh Bells, "Crown on the Ground"

3. I can imagine the DJ at the Hot Wax (Rushdie's Satanic Verses) playing the following song.

Phantogram, "Running from the Cops" 

4. The National’s critique of America nicely parallels Rushdie on postcolonial Britain. 

The National, "Fake Empire"

5. On the relationship between Saladin and Pamela in Satanic Verses.

The National, "Terrible Love" (from High Violet)

6. This song, also by the National, reminds me in a general way of The Satanic Verses: you've got Hollywood, evil, dark dreams, and the undead.

The National, "Conversation 16" (also from High Violet)

7. Eugene Hutz, lead singer of Gogol Bordello, is part Rochester, part neuroscientist.

Gogol Bordello, "Supertheory of Supereverything"

8. A song about wanting to believe.

Coldplay, "White Shadows"

9. A song about wanting to believe what one cannot believe.

Phantogram, "Mouthful of Diamonds"

10. Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley's version

11. On the accident of birth.

We Were Promised Jetpacks, "Keeping Warm"

12. A humanist creed.

Beach House, "Take Care"

Here’s the list in a Spotify playlist:

Also, the connection between Will and Liz cut out, but only for Liz, at the beginning of this discussion, and so when Will says, “Hopefully he’s your friend too,” and Liz didn’t say anything, she couldn’t hear him! Randy Robertson is Liz’s friend.

Blank Check with Griffin and David:

The article about Pinegrove, the band that stopped touring when an incident was brought forward to the lead singer about his behavior. “Reckoning with Pinegrove”:

The Edgar Wright/James Gunn story:

Alex Trebek saying genre:

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